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The SmartSTAMP Imprint

Industry Standard Technology with an Eye Toward the Future

The SmartSTAMP e-MSG "imprint" itself, is a certified encrypted hash-code algorithm that is embedded into a PDF rendering each file tamper-evident (i.e. modified files will fail authenticity verification) and rendering every transaction unique and traceable to the Guarantor. SmartSTAMP uses Industry Standard Encryption Technology to ensure compatibility with current IT infrastructures, which should facilitate systems integration for Guarantors and Transfer Agents alike.

Guarantors will have the ability to create an e-MSG imprint using one of two methods:

  • By using a SmartSTAMP Medallion imprinting device, which is capable of producing either a wet-MSG or an e-MSG as the situation demands.
  • By using SmartSTAMP All-Digital, a computer application that employs login credentials and two factor authentication. This app can only produce an e-MSG.

Whether generated by a SmartSTAMP Medallion or by the SmartSTAMP All-Digital app, the resulting e-MSG imprints are equivalent and can be authenticated at any point during the electronic document's life by a simple click of the mouse.

Importantly, the SmartSTAMP e-MSG is "an imprint" as defined within, and covered by, the new UniversalSTAMP Program Documents. This will allow UniversalSTAMP to adapt or modify the technology used to create the e-MSG imprint in response to evolving technologies. In other words, if distributed ledger technology (or any other relevant technology, for that matter) is deemed to be commercially viable at some point in the future, it can be considered by UniversalSTAMP. Of course, any new technology would have to be clearly superior to the method in use at the time.